Hearing that your 2 year old needs a dental crown may seem scary. But please don’t worry too much. A pediatric dental crown isn’t as involved as an adult crown!

Why would a toddler need a dental crown?

Pediatric dental crowns are used when a tooth has been badly damaged from a fall, injury, or decay.

In these cases, a dental crown will save the tooth. Saving the tooth is the best option for your child’s long-term dental health. If your first thought was, “well let’s just pull it instead of putting a crown on it!”, we talk more about why extracting primary teeth (baby teeth) is not ideal in a previous post.

What does placing a kids dental crown entail?

Luckily, pediatric crowns are done in one visit and can be completed in 45 minutes or less. This is why pediatric crowns are much cheaper than adult crowns. We go more in depth into what you can expect from a pediatric dental crown appointment here.

If your 2 year old comes to our office for a dental crown, it is extremely important that your child refrain from a sticky diet after their appointment. Gummy foods will pull on (and potentially remove) the crown.

With the right diet, a pediatric dental crown can stay on until the baby tooth comes out on its own!

How do we make sure kids don’t need another crown?

One cavity or crown doesn’t mean your child is doomed to a lifetime of problems with their teeth! It is best to use this opportunity to reinforce positive dental habits and prevent future cavities.

There are three main ways to avoid tooth decay:

  1. Avoid sugary foods and snacks. This includes avoiding sticky foods, as well as limiting snacking between meals. Treats should only be served with meals.
  2. Brush and floss twice daily. Brushing should be done with fluoride toothpaste. Use a small toothbrush for your child. Children may miss areas on their teeth because the toothbrush is too large. Flossing is important because without flossing, you miss cleaning 40% of your child’s tooth surfaces! For children who are especially prone to cavities, you can also include rinsing with a fluoridated mouthwash into the brushing routine.
  3. Visit the dentist regularly. Your pediatric dentist will provide semi-annual cleanings, as well as explain (and provide) other preventative procedures like sealants which can help prevent more cavities.

Give us a call at 336-887-9277 to schedule an appointment for your child or to request a second opinion if another pediatric dentist recommended a crown for your 2 year old. We look forward to helping your child have healthy teeth for years to come.

“Five stars isn’t enough! Everyone in the office is so incredibly kind. My two year old son is still very scared of the dentist but that does not stop Dr. Warr and staff from being patient and getting their job done. My son and I appreciate everything you guys do! I highly recommend Warr Pediatric for any family looking for pediatric dental care.”
– Morgan F.