Dr Joye Warr talks about the 5 tips to a happy healthy smile. These are tips our Tooth Warrior shares in live events at day cares and schools around town – wouldn’t you like to know the secret? Tune in below to find out!


Hello, Facebook family. How are y’all today? It’s been a long week, hasn’t it? Well, I want to thank you for jumping on this great Thursday afternoon. One more day. One more day. One more day. And the weekend is here. Well, my name is Dr. Joy Warr and I am a pediatric dentist in High Point, North Carolina. I am here to answer questions about your kid’s teeth. So, thank you for joining me. Please give me a thumbs up if you can you hear me okay. I’m going to be checking the check in to see who’s here. I’m going to turn my phone off but today, what I want to talk with you about yummy food now.

If you follow our Facebook page or Instagram posts that we have this wonderful young lady known as the tooth warrior. She is the tooth lawyer, and she is the one that will come to your school or to your daycare or online and she teaches classes. Well, our employer has five facets of A healthy smile. Five things that you need to have healthy teeth. The first thing is brusha, brusha then flossy, flossy, then water, yummy food and then see the dentist. Well, today I want to concentrate on number four, which is yummy food.

Now, I know that you know that brushing and flossing is good for your teeth, and that you shouldn’t eat a lot of candy. But a recent story by a very odd important dietary, The Association of the American dietary Association, has said that among toddlers and infants, that the intake of sugar has increased. That’s right. By 84%. Yes, the sugar intake of toddlers and infants has increased by about 84%. You know why? It’s not because of candy, which is what we think.  It’s not because of gummy vitamins, which is another sugary, sticky gummy food that’s not good for teeth, that’s good for your body.  Gummy vitamins are not good for your teeth.  It’s because of other foods that we know are that contain a lot of hidden sugar, the number one hidden sugar foods among infants and toddlers was guess what? Yogurt. That’s right, baby yogurt. Those yogurts that are specially made for babies, and flavored yogurt with berries and flutes and different flavors and things like that. Those contain a lot of sugar and although yogurt is healthy, remember that they add a lot of sugars to make that palatable to our babies. The second thing they contained a lot of added sugar, where the baby snacks, you know, the baby snacks that are specially made for babies, the baby teething biscuits, the baby, all the little sugary things that we give our children to kind of satiate them or to hold them over. Those snacks contain a lot of sugar. The third thing that contains a lot of sugar, cost money. The top things that increase the intake of sugar among kids were sweet bakery products. That’s right, like pecan rolls, and cinnamon rolls, and sugary breads like that. We don’t think about it. But remember that bread is a corpus of fermentable carbohydrate that can be used to start to decay. And when you add sugars on top of that, like cinnamon sugar, or another kind of sticky sugar or karma or something like that, then it becomes even more what we call cariogenic. The other thing and I know you probably know about this one is fruit juices. So, fruit juices also contain a lot of sugar and add a lot of sugar to our kid’s diets. Now, the reason that’s important is because sugar is what causes the pH of your child’s mouth to go down, which means that the bugs that make cavities, their activity goes up. So, pH things that caused the pH to fall will make it a very inviting environment for kid’s teeth to start to form cavities.

So, what can you do other than wiping totally out all the yogurt, the baby snacks, the sweet baked products, and the fruit drinks? Well, one of the things that you can do is to try to balance it out. Cheese is a very acceptable and it helps to increase the pH and a higher pH means that your child’s mouth doesn’t fall below the acidic zone which is favorable for making cavities. Another thing that you may consider doing is the third tenet.  The tooth warriors five, five things to help the teeth, which is water. drinking a lot of water helps not only to wash the teeth away, but it increases the saliva. And once you increase the saliva, it helps to wash away those things that would, those sugars and those things that help to make cavities. It’s a proven fact that if you have a healthy salivary flow or healthy saliva, that you don’t have that many cavities. So, those are just a couple of things that you can do. In addition to kind of limiting those treats, not too many, but any child from zero to four years can benefit from all these things that I just told you today.

As an added note, remember that we will see any child under the age of two and under your first visit with us is free. That’s right, it’s free. We recommend that you begin to take your child to the dentist when they’re at the ripe old age of one. At the age of one, we can help you with brushing, we can help you learn how to eat healthy snacks, we can also teach you a little bit and help you with how you can make sure that your little one doesn’t have any areas that we need to wash and the right kind of toothpaste. We can make sure they aren’t doing any habits that aren’t healthy for them. And most of all want to make sure that their teeth are healthy. So, that first visit is for a lot of things to help you and to help your child. Well, that’s all I have for today. I want to thank you guys for joining me today and thank you for listening in. I am hoping that you are all staying safe and stay healthy. Thank you, bye bye.