Submitted by Brian Watkins

When our son Logan had his first tooth coming in, we knew it was time to take him in for his first check up. We wouldn’t have thought to do that necessarily this early on, but we’d already known Dr. Warr for years and she’d told us that was the ideal time for a first visit.

My wife took him in for the first visit, and there was still a one parent at a time limit at that time because of the big health crisis everywhere. I can’t speak directly to that visit, but I know my wife was very excited and thought it was a beautiful experience.

When our son was ready for his second visit, when he was about a year and a half, I took him in myself. By this point he had 8-12 teeth and was walking.

We began doing the knee to knee exam, which he mostly held still for. I had a great chat with Misty, the dental assistant, who answered a few questions I’d had about brushing Logan’s teeth, bedtime routines, and what to expect in the coming months.

When Dr. Warr joined us to do her portion of the exam, she was super excited to see our little guy. “Oh my goodness; look at him walking now!” she gasped as I fetched him to bring him back to the exam chair area. Time zips as a parent and I had an “Oh yeah!” moment about that, that the last time she saw him he’d just started to crawl.

It was very reassuring to be told that his teeth looked wonderful and to keep doing what we were doing.

I got a kick out of how curious Logan was of the exam area. He’s still getting used to tooth brushing and people peeking in his mouth, but he left the building with a smile on his face.

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