As Father’s Day approaches we want to take a moment to acknowledge the role of fathers in their children’s dental hygiene. Often the assumption people make, as supported by results of polls in studies, is that it’s the mother’s own hygiene habits that children emulate most.

According to a published study by Elham Bozorgmehr, Abolghasem Hajizamani, and Tayebeh Malek Mohammadi, the brushing and oral maintenance habits of both parents do play a measurable role in how diligent children are about their own oral hygiene.

After recently honoring a few of our star patients for their excellent teeth, it’s also worth calling out the dads for their role in making that happen.

Though this post is a little late notice to tell fathers this particular bit, any dads stopping by for appointments with their kids this week will receive a free cookie!

Happy Father’s Day!