For all patients who are scheduled for a cleaning in the month of December, our Christmas gift to you is a FREE fluoride treatment to go along with your cleaning.  Our goal is to get our patients who have been away or have been putting their cleaning off because of school or after school activities.

Preventing gum disease

Particularly for the teens and tweens who are going through hormonal changes. These changes can make the gums for sensitive, and therefore more susceptible to gingivitis (The first stage of gum disease).

Kids at this age also begin taking on responsibility for their own hygiene more and more, so reinforcing good habits can make a big difference toward long term healthy teeth. Missing parts of these habits can make the teenage years a common time for damage to occur to the teeth, or where families tend to notice this the most.

This is partially because of diet, and also because of lifestyle. As teens move into tougher classes in school and have more and more homework, sometimes dental hygiene can suffer. These are the years where it becomes evident, which is why we make it a point to work with families to help work around those potential challenges.

Preventing tooth decay

Cavities don’t go away like a cut or a bruise.  Decay continues, and it’s always easier to fill a small cavity than to wait until the tooth is badly decayed to try to repair it with restorative treatments.

If you suspect your child may have a cavity, especially if they have mentioned discomfort, schedule a visit as soon as you can.

Removing plaque

Plaque causes both gum disease and tooth decay.  Removing the cause of these reduces the occurrence of these. But plaque can be tricky, and not all of it gets removed with regular brushing and flossing.

Regular dental cleanings are an opportunity to get everything and ensure each tooth’s surfaces are plaque-free.

Save money

Studies show that people who come to the dentist regularly spend less on their dental health — because the dentist catches things when they are small or just beginning.

Much like we mentioned above, dental cleaning visits are opportunities to thoroughly clean the teeth and remove buildup that can cause damage. And in simpler cases, they are opportunities to answer questions and point out things to keep an eye on.

Brighten your smile

Removing plaque and calculus deposits makes your teeth whiter and healthier.

Protect your health – remember that what you eat is always affected by what’s on your teeth – ewww!

Whiter teeth

It’s always important for children to understand the process of bleaching and the things that make their teeth unique. While bleaching definitely whitens teeth, the process itself isn’t something everyone wants to do once they know what it is, and it also has tradeoffs like any treatment does.

Remember: bleaching isn’t for everyone.