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How A Kids Knee To Knee Dental Exam Works

This is how a typical dental exam begins for infants and toddlers. At that age children have a little trouble sitting still that long — even though the exam is often fairly quick. Dental exams for children this young are not done in the traditional chair setup. A knee...

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Why Doctors Discourage Thumb Sucking In Kids

This seemingly pretty common part of childhood has been discouraged for many years by pediatricians — many of them cautioning parents to discourage it right away when their child starts. It's easier to prevent the habit from forming than trying to get a child to stop...

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Fun New Portable Mouthwash: Scope “Squeez”

One bit of news to hit stores in the last month or so is Scope's new "Squeez" — which is a concentrated and very portable new form of mouthwash. It interestingly walks the balance between a traditional travel size mouthwash and a full-size bottle. Travel sizes are...

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History & Evolution of Dental Sealants Today

Dental sealants began with Dr. Michael Buonocore, who was a dentist and researcher working at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the early 1960s. Dr. Buonocore's discovery was based on the observation that dental enamel contains tiny pores that can be etched...

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