A dental sealant is a non-invasive protective coating a dentist can apply to a child’s chewing teeth – the molars and premolars. These are the teeth 4 out of 5 cavities form in children and are the most important to protect.

Sealants act as a barrier to prevent germs and food from sticking in the grooves and making cavities.

This is a simple and quick process, and we can include it during a cleaning appointment if needed.

We recommend dental sealants for children as soon as all their teeth have come in. Providing this protection early helps ensure a healthy mouth through some of the more cavity-prone years (6-14).

Studies on patients from age 6 through 25 have even shown that, with proper care, dental sealants can last a lifetime.

We’ll review the condition of your child’s sealants each visit to be aware of any wear that may have occurred over time.

child getting dental sealants