dr. Joye warr

Dr. Joye Warr

I began my education at Spelman College in Atlanta, GA where I earned a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry. Afterwards, I attended Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts where I received my Doctoral of Dental Medicine. Continuing my education, I studied Pediatric Dentistry at Howard University School of Dental Medicine in Washington, DC and graduated with a certificate of Pediatric Dentistry. I then began practicing in 1991 in Detroit, MI. In addition, as a member of the faculty at the University of Detroit School of Dentistry, I taught Pediatric Dentistry.

I’m a member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the American Dental Association, and High Point and Randolph County Dental Society.

In my free time, I enjoy sports, reading, traveling and learning about new things. I also love spending time with my five children and six grandchildren. I am active with my church and strive to share compassion that makes a difference.

I have the greatest staff in the world! Let me introduce you to them!



Office Manager

If you’ve been our patient for any amount of time you’ve seen Amy’s smiling face around the office.  Amy is as professional as they come! Although her first love is her family, I am proud to call her our “Office Mom”!  She’s been in the dental field for her whole career – over 20 years – and knows it like the back of her hand. She has been with our office from the beginning (2004) and keeps us running steady. Amy has earned a certificate in Radiology from GTCC.  Although her specialty is insurance and helping you with any financial concerns, Amy knows the whole office. She is committed to excellent service and will help you in any way that she can. She’s just like me – we love basketball, football and baseball.  Amy is a Tarheel fan . . . and I love her anyway!


CDA – Clinical Manager, Dental Assistant II

Lynda is a real jewel to our office!  She graduated at the top of her dental assisting class at Forsyth Technical College and took the DANB to become a Certified Dental Assistant.  If you get the sense that Lynda is the definition of excellence in dentistry – you’re right! What I really love about Lynda is her commitment to giving your child their best dental experience ever.  In over 10 years with our office I’ve seen our patients fall in love with Lynda. She is just like most of us at the office because she loves football and basketball. If only she would cheer for the right teams instead of those Demon Deacons!



Leslie is the first person that you see or talk to when you encounter our practice and I couldn’t be prouder.  You’d never guess that Leslie hasn’t been doing this her whole life! A graduate of Randleman High School, she was thrust into her position when we were in a pinch and we couldn’t have asked for a better person!  She stepped in and took our front office experience to another level. Leslie has the greatest spirit and is sure to make you feel welcomed. In her spare time Leslie loves to read and travel. She and her husband also love college basketball.  Another Tarheel fan!


Dental Assistant II

You could never guess that Misty real name wasn’t “happy” – her perky demeanor makes the tooth fairy look grumpy! She came to us in 2013 and has been a blessing ever since.  Misty graduated from Trinity High School and Guilford Technical Community College. After she rotated through our clinic, we knew she was a natural! Misty is an amazing mom, wife and assistant! Misty and her husband have the most precious son and will soon welcome a little sister to their family.  Believe me when I say that Misty’s mommy skills kick in when she is treating our patients. Mommy love works every time!


Clinical Assistant

Did you get the connection?  You’re right . . . this is my daughter!  Ahavah has been working with us since she was 8-years-old and I am delighted to say that she is a great worker.  She does anything from picking up toys, holding hands and playing with the kids to taking out the trash and doing our gopher and clean-up work.  But when it comes to seeing Ahavah around here permanently, don’t get your hopes up. Ahavah is a freshman honor student at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and she couldn’t be more excited about being a Seahawk.  She is studying film and spends her summers in internships and working here. I love working with my beautiful daughter because I love seeing what a hard worker she is (proud mama moment)! She is a great addition to her generation and this world!


Office Assistant

Not to be left out, my son is helping out at the office and you may see him at the front desk or helping out with our office disinfection.  He is critical to our staff because he does the tedious work. Uriel packs bags for the daycares, assembles the sheets for our sedation patients and does more filing and scanning than you can shake a stick at. Although this is all behind the scenes, this is what makes your visit and our jobs easier.  I am so full of pride for the young man he has become because he maintains a 4.0 average at Wesleyan Christian Academy and loves basketball. He gets that part from me!