Dr. Warr has learned a lot in her career as a pediatric dentist. After building a successful practice and working with many patients from when they were little all the way till when they graduated high school, Dr. Warr’s team thought it’d be interesting to reflect on those experiences.

Here are some questions the team came up with for her, and her answers.

What have you learned over your career as a pediatric dentist that has surprised you?

“I have learned that children need to have confidence in themselves.  Whether it’s through a gorgeous smile or being brave for a dental procedure, children are encouraged through dentistry — and that is just one of the things that I love about my job!”

The degree to which confidence really matters in general, and in school, can’t be understated. The idea that a child’s dentist can play a tangible role in developing their confidence and building good habits that avoid a lot of challenges later in life is very rewarding.

How much of your patient base has been with you for their entire upbringing? How does it feel to have watched them grow to adulthood?

“After over 30 years in this field, it is such a pleasure to see my babies grow up, but my greatest joy is when they come back with their children! It’s so funny to see the parents’ behavior in their children.  Their confidence in our office is priceless!”

What made you know you wanted to be a pediatric dentist in the beginning?

“I have always been a sucker for children.  I babysat as a teenager and worked in Sunday School growing up, so I knew that God had given me a special gift when it came to taking care of children.  As a grandmother, I spoil my grandbabies all the time and will always enjoy their wide-eyed innocence and enthusiasm.  Children are our future and worth our investment.”

This Q&A was a lot of fun for us because Dr. Warr’s enthusiasm for children is so clear. It’s one of the things that’s so great about working for her, and is equally a quality that our dental families have kept coming back for.