Whether your first visit with us is a move to a new dental home or your child’s first dental visit period, our goal is to forge a relationship based on trust and education.

Aside niceties like our Parent Relaxation Room and friendly explanations of dental learning for kids that are old enough, there are two other things we like to include for each child’s first visit.

The first visit begins with a comprehensive review of your child’s medical history and any family medical conditions that may be relevant to your child’s dental health. We make sure to answer any questions parents have so that everyone is comfortable. Your child will then be escorted by a dental assistant.

To ensure comfort for your child, the same dental assistant will be with them from the beginning of the appointment all the way to the end when parents rejoin them.

First visits will also include x-rays for kids 3 and up so that we can get a clear picture of their oral development.

Tooth Fairy Letter

A great way to make early oral care fun is receiving a personalized letter from the Tooth Fairy. As your child gets to the age where their baby teeth start falling out, this plays into making the process interesting rather than simply a necessity of life. It also helps to educate them on the importance of proper oral health habits and routinely visiting the dentist.

Our Priority Is Comfort

It’s not unusual for kids to cry at their first visit. We know that this can unnerve some parents, but rest assured that we are taking great care of them. Parents are welcome to accompany all children 2 and under into the clinical area. Our “big” boys and girls who are 3 and up are encouraged to come back alone in order to create a relationship with our specially trained staff. Kids do great and they LOVE the special rewards at the end.

At the conclusion of your child’s first visit, they will get a toothbrush specially made for their age and their needs. Each child will also receive a special prize and stickers. Positive reinforcement ensures that children do a great job every time!

smiling baby

The above video is from awesome parents just like you! Click play to hear what they have to say about their experience in our office!

The above video is from some of our awesome kids! We love working with them as much as they love coming to see us. Click play to hear from them directly!