One bit of news to hit stores in the last month or so is Scope’s new “Squeez” — which is a concentrated and very portable new form of mouthwash.

It interestingly walks the balance between a traditional travel size mouthwash and a full-size bottle. Travel sizes are convenient, but obviously are only good for a few uses. In this case, Squeez offers up to 50 uses in one 50 ml bottle, which is significantly smaller than the 500 ml bottle it’s equivalent to.

Scope says that in addition to this being convenient for on-the-go adventures, this also allows them to save 70% in packaging, which is a win for the environment. It’s nice to see companies being conscious of this and making moves toward more efficient designs and packaging.

This little bottle seems made for backpacks, able to go along with wherever your day takes you. This is great for kids as well for their packs, as a way of freshening their breath and taking care of some hygiene after lunch. (For schools that allow children to bring something like this in their packs.)

We’re not partial to any specific brand of oral hygiene products in our office, but we do give a thumbs up to innovation like this that makes it easier for kids to maintain good hygiene habits. Regular use of any mouthwash is a win, mitigating the risks of build up in the mouth throughout the day.

You can find Scope Squeez in all major retail stores near the other mouthwash.