Families from Lexington and Thomasville, NC have visited us for years in our High Point office for all their kids’ dental needs.

We respect the fact that a child’s first dental appointment is a big deal. It’s the basis by which they’ll form their opinions of what going to the dentist is. And if you’re traveling from Lexington or Thomasville, our aim is to continue to be your pediatric dental solution throughout your child’s formative years.

22 Minutes From Lexington, NC & 14 Minutes From Thomasville

Planning to stick to a planned dental maintenance program is always the goal, but emergencies happen.

If an accident happens, either from a fall or a collision during sports for instance, it may be necessary to see a dentist right away.

Even if your child is not a regular patient of ours we are happy to be an emergency solution if you’re in the area. High Point is a good central city that is accessible from all over the Triad.

Modern dental office interior