Reopening Phase One

With the reopening of the office this week we have had lots of questions about how we are working to keep your children safe when they come in for their regularly scheduled cleaning and dental treatments. 

We are increasing the Safety of the office by

  • Changing our Schedule – to comply with social distancing we are reducing the number of patients that we have scheduled.  We want you to be comfortable when you come with your child.
  • Updated masks and uniforms – Our team has specialized (N95) face masks that we will be wearing for high-risk procedures. We also have disposable, full-length gowns and waterproof gowns that are impervious to fluids to help ensure the safety of your children and our staff.  Also, per the order of our Governor Roy Cooper,  we are requiring that all parents accompanying their children have a mask.  If you do not have one we have a limited supply of custom handmade masks available for $5.
  • New machines to filter our air – These state-of-the-art units are equipped with HEPA filters to purify the air in our treatment rooms. These machines act at 7 times the recommended air flow and help filter out harmful bacteria that live in the air to reduce the airborne spread of illness.
  • New personnel – we have increased our staff to help with the extra measures called for in making sure that our office complies with the new guidelines and recommendations.  We want to take every chance to give you top level service and with all the changes that we’ve implemented a few extra hands help to give you and your family excellent care!
  • New screening process – Each patient is being contacted 48 hours prior to their appointment to ask a series of screening questions to ensure safety from exposure to the virus. We are also taking the temperature of each parent and patient to make sure that no one is in the infectious stage of COVID-19.
  • New traffic pattern – we are taking strenuous methods to keep social distancing at the forefront of our office operations. You will notice that the signsPlease take note of these patterns and do your best to follow them so we can keep everyone healthy and happy. 
  • Practicing – we want to make sure that we are ready for excellence when it’s time.  That’s why we are practicing all of our new techniques and instruments so that we will be ready when it’s time to open fully. Our team has been in the office this week learning and refining all of the safety requirements to help make sure we give you the best!

As your pediatric dental provider

We want you to rest easy knowing you and your children are in good hands here in our office. We are not taking COVID-19 lightly. These new protocols are in place for your safety and the safety of your children and our staff. If you have questions or concerns about our new process please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are happy to talk with you and help you feel confident in our team for your child’s dental care. 

Children’s dental care 

Dental care is essential.  That’s why dental offices are essential caregivers. During the pandemic and always, regular dental care is highly recommended by the American Dental Association in the prevention of cavities. It is well documented that not having regular dental cleanings can result in costly dental problems like tooth decay, tooth infection, abscess, broken or chipped teeth.  We will stay open to make sure that we are there to provide care for your child especially if they are in pain.

Rest assured, we care about your child’s health. That is why we are taking every precaution to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while we reopen to help you keep your kids health in line. 

We can’t wait to see you! Call our office to book your appointment now!