It’s important to establish a “dental home” for your child, ideally by age one. That may be earlier than you expected if your child doesn’t have all their teeth yet. The speed at which that happens varies, but most kids’ teeth start erupting by six to eight months of age.

If your child is older than that, visiting a pediatric dentist is incredibly helpful for not only assessing their oral health, but in establishing good hygiene habits early.

Our office environment is tailored to make both parents and kids comfortable, especially if it’s a child’s first time seeing a dentist. That visit will frame how they see dentists thereafter, so we treat all aspects of the visit with care to create the most positive experience possible. If your child is old enough, we’ll explain everything we’re going to do beforehand with language that keeps the visit non-threatening and easy.

At Warr Pediatric Dentistry Associates we value the personal relationship with our patients above all else. We’re hear to teach, inform, and help establish healthy habits for life so that ideally your child’s visits will primarily be cleanings and checkups.

child with dentist looking into mirror