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Dental cleanings for your child are an important part of their development. Not only are healthy teeth important to oral health, but also for healthy self-esteem.

Children are constantly changing and growing, so their dental cleaning visits are great opportunities to check their teeth, gums and growth to make sure that everything is okay.

Kids dental cleaning visits are a chance for parents to ask questions, too! We always want you to stay informed about your child’s health. That’s why Dr. Warr consults with each parent after every visit.

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These are questions that Dr. Warr will answer at each cleaning visit:

  • How do my child’s teeth and gums look? Are they healthy?
  • Where is my child missing when they brush their teeth and gums?
  • What are some tips to make sure that my child is brushing better?
  • How are my child’s teeth aligned? Will my child need braces?
  • Does my child have cavities? Where are they and how can we make sure that he/she doesn’t get more cavities?
  • How often should my child get their teeth professionally cleaned?
  • How should my child develop a healthy flossing technique?

How do kids dental cleaning visits work?

Your Questions for Pediatric Dentists, Answered

Before your child gets their teeth professionally cleaned, we need to make sure that they don’t have any medical problems. A good health history is imperative to make sure that your child is safe. It’s also important to make sure that we know what your child will need as they develop.

Prevention is always the best policy and that means that we have to start early!

For our toddlers and infants aged 2 and under, we ask one parent to come and sit with your child. This allows parents to see their child’s teeth and gums up close and from a different view. We also get the chance to demonstrate brushing and flossing techniques on your active child!

This is where thorough teeth cleaning habits begin!

After your child turns 3 years old, we begin to establish a relationship with them (the dentist and the dental hygienist). Three-year-olds love to push the envelope with their independence, so we ask that your 3-year-old come back like the big boys and girls during their regular visits.

Since we have an open play area and your child can see the other kids, it’s much less frightening than many parents think. When the COVID crisis is over, Mom and Dad can enjoy our relaxation room!

After we measure your child’s growth, we show them their special reclining chair that is deep cleaned just for them.

After giving them a cool pair of shades for the “sunlight” (the dental light), we take pictures of their teeth that we can share with them and you. The pictures also give us a good idea of the areas your child may be missing.

The cleaning part of the visit, with the dental hygienist, begins with an electric toothbrush to clean and polish each of your child’s teeth. For older kids we may also use a scaler or “scratcher” to remove built up plaque from their teeth for a deep clean.

We finish the teeth cleaning by flossing, rinsing and painting a special vitamin (fluoride) on your child’s teeth. After we take x-rays, your child is free to play with their very own iPad that is sterilized with UV light or watch TV.

That’s essentially the process for having teeth professionally cleaned.

During the COVID pandemic the children stay isolated in their special chair situated 6 feet from one another.

We recommend dental sealants if your child hasn’t had them applied to their back molars. Sealants can be put on at your child’s cleaning visit with your permission.

If you’re interested in learning more about sealants, please ask our staff as you schedule the appointment and let us know if that’s something you’d like to include in the teeth cleaning appointment.

Teaching healthy brushing and flossing habits

Tips from Pediatric Dentists

Establishing good oral hygiene habits early on helps prevent cavities, gum disease, poor food choices and poor self image. This is a big part of why we take such an active role in our young patients to help show them the proper ways to take care of their teeth. These habits are reinforced each time your child visits the dentist.

Parents are also an important part of the proper teeth cleaning process.

That goes for flossing, too! Each child has different needs when it comes to flossing between their teeth. We will help you find an age-appropriate solution for your child’s flossing needs. This will keep cavities at bay!

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