Kids dental crowns are basically a cap for damaged teeth. This damage can occur through decay or sometimes becaues of an injury where a tooth is chipped or cracked.

The idea of a crown is to protect the tooth from further damage and restore a proper chewing surface.

Kids Dental Crowns

How long do kids crowns last?

Pediatric crowns are meant to last for the life of the baby tooth. The reason that we recommend crowns for baby teeth is because there’s too much damage caused by decay, fracture or trauma. Since most baby teeth fall out around 12 or 13, expect that your child’s crowns on the back teeth will last until then. Front baby teeth usually come out between 6 and 8 years of age. Crowns added to adult teeth will last for the life of the tooth. That means adding a crown to a permanent tooth should be a permanent solution so long as your child practices good oral hygiene habits to keep the remaining part of the tooth healthy.

Other Information Related to Crowns & Emergency Care

Pediatric dental crowns

How Do Pediatric Dental Crowns Work?

Dental crowns are for patients with teeth that are too decayed to fill. Crowns completely cover the tooth and help to hold a tooth together so the tooth can be saved instead of extracted. Putting crowns on baby teeth are different in a lot of ways although the purpose is the same. Read more.

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Emergency Kids Dentist for High Point Area Patients

There are two major types of dental emergencies. The first is the result of a physical injury where your child’s tooth is chipped, cracked, knocked loose or completely out!  The second type of emergency involves cases where a child may be complaining of swelling or pain around a tooth that has a cavity or a toothache itself. Read more.