If your child broke a tooth or has a cavity, they will need a special dental treatment to restore the function and appearance of their teeth.

Restorative dentistry treatments help maintain your child’s dental health because they…

  • Fill cavities in the mouth to help keep teeth healthy
  • Help prevent infection and abscesses
  • Maintain an aesthetically consistent smile that builds your child’s confidence
kids restorative dental treatments

Depending on the issue, your dentist will recommend one of the following restorative treatments.

Dental Fillings

Fillings are generally recommended for baby teeth that are not falling out soon to prevent more invasive and expensive treatment. All filling material is designed to be non-toxic so there are no chemicals that will harm your child. Many parents ask why we would fill a baby tooth if it is just going to fall out eventually. However, leaving a cavity in a primary tooth unfilled can eventually lead to an abscess and cause infection for your child. With that in mind, leaving a cavity untreated puts your child at an unnecessary risk of infection. It is also much easier to fill a small cavity than to put a crown or extract that tooth. Fillings are much easier, faster and less expensive.

Dental Crowns

Pediatric Dental crowns would be recommended if your child’s tooth is too decayed to fill. Crowns completely cover the tooth and help to hold a tooth together so the tooth can be saved instead of extracted.  Crowns are a better option than extracting a baby tooth because they are not as invasive as an extraction. It is important to note that pediatric crowns are done in one visit, unlike adult crowns. In fact, a pediatric crown can be completed in about 45 minutes or less. This is also why pediatric crowns are much cheaper than adult crowns.

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