While we are based in High Point, NC, we often see patients from the Thomasville, NC and areas nearby. Every doctor-patient relationship is based on trust and connection, and this is all the more important for pediatric patients.

As a pediatric dentist office for Thomasville patients, we are very conscious of the fact that a patient’s first visit with us may very well also be their first dental visit ever. Creating a sense of trust and understanding is super important.

Our relationships always begin with an overview and a conversation. We like to answer questions and ensure everyone is comfortable, and that includes both child and parent. It’s our belief that understanding is the key to prevention of oral health maladies.

Modern dental office interior

Our Pediatric Dental Team Offers A Complete Solution From Toddlers to Teenagers

We invite you to visit us as early as when your baby’s first teeth start coming in. Visits for children under age 2 are free.

At that stage, we love to meet parents and monitor the growth of the new teeth, and start getting the child used to coming to the dentist.

There are a lot of developmental changes for children’s mouths as they grow, especially as they enter the adolescent years. Pediatric dentists are specially trained for those things, which makes for a different experience than seeing a typical Thomasville family dentist that you probably visit yourself as an adult.

We’ve had many patients that have grown up with us, having started coming for visits as small children and continued all the way through to adulthood. This last spring we were excited to watch several of them graduate high school, and we couldn’t be prouder!

Pediatric dental emergency with a child patient

Thomasville Emergency Pediatric Dental Solutions

If something happens to your child, whether an injury from sports, play, or just an accident, it’s important to already be aware of a pediatric dental professional to head toward since time is of the essence.

When a permanent tooth is knocked out, for instance, it’s imperative that you place it in milk within 30 minutes and then head immediately to a dentist. It’s usually possible to re-attach the tooth if it’s handled quickly enough, but the longer it takes to make it to the dentist the tougher it can be to make that work.

We are certainly happy to be the emergency stop for our Thomasville, NC patients.