While we are based in High Point, NC, we often see patients from the Trinity, NC and areas nearby. Every doctor-patient relationship is based on trust and connection, and this is all the more important for pediatric patients.

As a pediatric dentist office we are very conscious of the fact that a patient’s first visit with us may very well also be their first dental visit¬†ever. Creating a sense of trust and understanding is super important.

Our relationships always begin with an overview and a conversation. We like to answer questions and ensure everyone is comfortable, and that includes both child and parent. It’s our belief that understanding is the key to prevention of oral health maladies.

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Pediatric dental emergency with a child patient

Trinity Emergency Pediatric Dental Solutions

Planning to stick to a planned dental maintenance program is always the goal, but emergencies happen.

If something happens to your child, whether an injury from sports, play, or just an accident, it’s important to already be aware of a pediatric dental professional to head toward since time is of the essence.

When a permanent tooth is knocked out, for instance, it’s imperative that you place it in milk within 30 minutes and then head immediately to a dentist. It’s usually possible to re-attach the tooth if it’s handled quickly enough, but the longer it takes to make it to the dentist the tougher it can be to make that work.

We are certainly happy to be the emergency stop for our Trinity, NC patients as long as they’re conscious of the drive time as it relates to anything else they have going on.

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Trinity Dentistry for Kids

There’s a big difference between pediatric dentists and a typical dental office for adults. When it comes to adults, some offices stress the “gentle dental” approach for those who are uncomfortable going to the dentist.

In the world of pediatric dentists, this piece is forefront. For many kids, a bad experience at the dentist early on can cause a negative shift for subsequent visits. There’s a deep level of care required in this appointments, and not just for the kids as patients. Whether or not a parent feels comfortable bringing their children to an office makes a big difference in the potential for long term relationships.

This is something we strive to excel in for all of our Trinity pediatric dentistry patients.

Dental Cleanings for Trinity Pediatric Patients

Regular dental cleanings, complete with annual x-rays, are a crucial part of a healthy smile for kids.

We’ll explain everything to parents so they are comfortable with the process, and our friendly hygienists love meeting new patients and making the experience as fun as possible. We can help kids establish good oral hygiene habits and gently reinforce the importance of them.

After all, it’s far easier to exercise good habits and prevent costlier remedies than to address them after they happen.

But if patients do have cavities and other maladies, we never judge patients for the condition of their teeth.