Seems like everything is virtual these days. Did you know that even dentistry can be done remotely?

Remote teledentistry is a method for delivering regular dental care (not a branch of dentistry like oral surgery).

In a teledentistry appointment, you connect virtually with our pediatric dentist, Dr. Joye Warr. Once you are connected with her, you can ask questions and describe any pain or discomfort your child may be feeling. Some virtual platforms leveraged in a teledentistry appointment include: 

  • Live video (like Zoom) 
  • Secure messaging
  • Phone calls
  • E-mail


Many of the parents we’ve talked to responded to the idea of remote teledentistry by saying, “Well… that’s a nice idea… But could that actually be helpful for my child?” 

The answer is… Yes!

Did you know there are situations when a teledentistry session would be even better than a traditional in-person visit?

Teledentistry for a Child That Has Fallen or is In Pain

Most emergencies take place on weekends and holidays when a dentist may not be available in the office.  However, a call to our office can connect you with Dr. Joye in seconds!  Then through the magic of technology, Dr. Joye can view the problem areas, answer a few questions, and put your mind at ease. 

In cases where you aren’t near the office, this is a great way to make sure that your child won’t be in pain until you come home.

Teledentistry for Children Who Live in Rural Areas 

Research has shown that children who live in rural areas (and have a hard time getting to the dentist regularly) receive the biggest benefits from remote teledentistry.

By facilitating the exchange of clinical information and images over remote distances for dental consultation and treatment planning, teledentistry improves access to oral healthcare for families in rural areas.

Teledentistry also lowers the cost of dental care. If parents do not have to take as much time off work to drive long distances for a dental appointment, their income is not as impacted. Plus, teledentistry appointments are less expensive for dentists to perform, and these savings are then passed on to the patient’s families.

Teledentistry for Children Who Have Sensory Processing Issues 

Recent reports by the CDC have shown that approximately one in six children have been diagnosed with a developmental disability or sensory issue. Sensory processing disorders are used to describe individuals who have problems interacting with the world through their senses and who may not fit into other neurodevelopmental disorders. 

Children with sensory processing disorders have difficulty receiving and responding to these sensory messages. Therefore, interactions with the environment are not predictable. This can make visits to the dentist exhausting, painful, and frustrating for the child and their caregivers.

Through teledentistry, a child with sensory processing issues can spend extra time with their dentist virtually. Having a deeper relationship with the dentist and a deeper understanding of the office routine can reduce the stress for that child when they do need to come into the office.

Teledentistry for Children Who have Questions About Our Office 

Children who have been to another office may benefit from seeing our office before they come in person. In these cases, a child can benefit from a teledentistry appointment in which the dentist focuses solely on building a relationship first. Dr. Warr would show your child our office, special chairs and the toy tower and I-pads.  Showing them the fun side of our dental office makes it easier for them to enjoy their first visit!

In essence, it is effective for many children to develop a proactive and trusting relationship with their pediatric dentist before an in-person visit. Relationship building can ensure that biyearly cleanings are effective for reinforcing good habits. 

Teledentistry helps decrease the likelihood of your child’s dental visits being potentially disconnected from the rest of their dental habits, or impossible due to office closures.

Go ahead and call our office at 336-887-9277 to schedule a teledentistry appointment. When the office is closed and you have an emergency choose option “4”.  We look forward to developing a trusting relationship with your child!