When we were able to re-open after the shutdown in Spring 2020, the first thing we did to protect the health of our staff and patients was install the highest grade air filtration system available in our office.

These state-of-the-art air filtration units are equipped with the highest grade HEPA filters to purify the air in all our treatment rooms. They create 7 times the CDC recommended air flow and help filter out harmful bacteria that live in the air to reduce the airborne spread of illness.

Your child’s health is our top priority. Our entire staff is committed to following a wide range of stringent sanitation protocols to make sure that no matter why your child comes to see us – whether for a regular checkup or an emergency appointment – their health is well cared for.

Here is an example of our cleaning protocol:

  1. Each child has their own set of instruments. In other words, we don’t share instruments between kids. 
  2. For all instruments, we use a sterilizer called an autoclave. An autoclave uses extreme heat and extreme pressure to kill any germs.
  3. We use disposable instruments when possible. Disposable instruments include the suction straws, cotton gauze, and paper products.
  4. We use barriers over all fixed furniture. Barriers are like plastic bags that go over the furniture fixtures and the X-ray machine. We use barriers on things that we may not be able to sterilize to the point where we’re sure that no germs can penetrate. 
  5. We are covered in personal protection equipment (PPE). PPE includes gloves, mask, glasses, and coats. 
  6. Between each patient, we wash our hands with either hand sanitizer or antibacterial soap.
  7. We also disinfect everything the children may touch after each visit.  Although the children are spaced six feet apart, we ask them to stay put in their dental chair once we are done with their visit.  As they play at their “station”, your child may touch the surfaces around them.  Those areas are wiped down after each child.
  8. We limit the number of people that are in our office. We have only a few patients at a time to come into the office.  This prevents intermingling and cross contamination.
  9. We have increased the time between each appointment to allow us to carefully wipe down all the areas with a CDC, ADA and WHO approved disinfectant.

Long story short, we make every effort to ensure that your children are safe coming to our offices!

Do you need an emergency dentist for your child in the High Point area?

Call our High Point, NC office to schedule ASAP! If our office is closed, you may use our emergency line by dialing 336-887-9277 and dialing 4 at the prompt to be connected directly to Dr. Warr, emergency kids dentist. (Note that this line is for true emergencies only, please!)

We look forward to supporting your child and making sure they have the brightest, healthiest smile possible!

“Warr PDA is an excellent pediatric dental office; the staff is amazing and well trained. They truly care about their patients and their parents! Dr. Warr is passionate in helping and serving her patients with the best care. We love this practice because of the loving staff!

– Sara T.